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12/17/2013 - Special Thanks: Gunder Firebeard @ Order for the $25 donation to register the MapTiler program needed to generate map tiles for this page! This program is still used today (2018), we definitely got our money's worth :)
  • Apr 11, 2016: You can now choose Grid Radius sizes of 500, 1000 or 1500m. Previously 500m was default and could not be changed.
  • Jul 17, 2017: Fiery Maw map (New Surtheim Area) has been added.
  • Nov 23, 2017: Cave of the Winds (Sinkhole) map has been added (Delta 301).
    New Isle of Drowned map and surrounding area map tiles updated.
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(1)44922, 16870  [449/169]New KoraeliaGeographyNew Koraelia
(2)45844, 17445  [458/174]New KoraeliaGeographySummer Festival
(3)44905, 17662  [449/177]New KoraeliaInterestHeadstone
(4)44967, 17400  [450/174]New KoraeliaMonsterThe Abominable/Lvl 24/HP-1412
(5)44980, 17586  [450/176]New KoraeliaMonsterYoung Winter Wolf/Lvl 20
(6)45131, 17648  [451/176]New KoraeliaMonsterYoung Winter Wolf/Lvl 20
(7)45199, 17701  [452/177]New KoraeliaNPCsIgnatius
(8)45186, 17752  [452/178]New KoraeliaNPCsKilian
(9)45187, 17753  [452/178]New KoraeliaNPCsKillian
(10)45857, 17337  [459/173]New KoraeliaNPCsMaze Keeper
(11)45383, 17325  [454/173]New KoraeliaNPCsTed (Summer Festival)
(12)45206, 17776  [452/178]New KoraeliaNPCsYukon Cornelius
(13)45426, 17270  [454/173]New KoraeliaResourceSchool of Minnows (Shrimp, Squid)