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Note: Links containing "+ Tracker", means you can record/track the formulas and/or techs you own in our database.
Why? When you search consigners, you can easily compare what you need and dont need, on the corresponding page.
When you acquire several hundreds of formulas/techs, it becomes tedious to search your knowledge book.

italics links denotes real time information
  Biped Plot Structures Plot construction data of biped structures. View required materials, how many units and raw resources, etc. View building stats: stack, bulk, capacity, footprints/dimensions, etc.
  Dragon Lair Structures Plot construction data of lair structures. View required materials, how many units and raw resources, etc. View building stats: stack, bulk, capacity, footprints/dimensions, etc.
  Cargo Disk Overview Easy to compare table of all the cargo disks and their stats.
  Community Building Tracker 2.0 Shows all community buildings that are unbuilt in real time. Find projects to earn some crafting experience and support the community.
  Consigner Lookup View/Search consigners in the game, in real time.
  Dragon Scales & Claws Chart of Dragon Scales and Claws.
  Experience Chart Player xp Chart: Experience gained and required per level. Monster xp Chart: Experience gained from killing mobs by Rating level.
  Emblems Chart Chart showing emblems and the bonus stats (buffs) they give when you use them.
  Formulas + Tracker Formula Database: Additional info such as prices, who sells them, skill/level requirements to craft and use. Optional ability to record/check off forms you own (scribed or in vault).
  Imperial Spell Vendors List all T1/T2 spells that can be bought from vendors, where and how much.
  Istaria Map Istaria Map, powered by Open Layers API (Similiar to Google Map). Database of all Map Pack markers loaded. Searchable by a name, or input coordinates.
  Map Pack Mod + Updates Map Pack is now a community project, maintained in one database.
Current DB Admins: Cegaiel, Terao, Elteria, Liseth, Sarsilas, Tilithia, Firebrand.    Last Update: June 2, 2024
  NPC + Trainer Locations Search for trainers by School or NPC name.
  Packs and Sacks Chart of Backpacks, Satchels and Sacks. These items increase inventory storage space.
  Plot Finder View Plots for any community in real time! See current status, price, size, etc
  Plot Paid Work Find Paid Work Available on plots in real time! Find structures to earn some crafting experience and coin!
  Quests: Log File Parser Upload your Net log files and it will display all quests, how many times and date/times completed.
  School Charts View all the skills/stats gained, trainer locations, and abilities earned for any school.
  Races - Racial Abilities Compare all available races and their racial abilities. Screenshots are pieced together from Character Creation screen.
  Shields Overview Easy to compare table of all the biped shields.
  Skill Attribute Chart Chart that shows what stats (Str, Dex, Focus, etc) that increases your current crafting/adventure skill levels.
  Techs/Comps + Tracker
     & Mobs List
All techniques, description, effects, comps required. Shows what techs can be bought from QM's and their location. Also a table to show what items that can be teched on each equipment slot. Optional ability to record/check off techs that you own. List of all mobs that drop comps; What comps they drop (T1-T5) and what techs they apply to.
  Teleporter Routes Shows pad locations and portals to reach a destination.
  Trophies + Tracker Shows trophies by levels. You can record what you have of each.

Tier Level Wood Essence Stone Cloth Metal
1 1 Cedar Dim Sandstone Flax Bronze
2 20 Elm Pale Slate Kenaf Iron | Silver
3 40 Oak Glowing Granite Cotton Dark Iron (Steel) | Gold
4 60 Maple Bright Obsidian Silk Cobalt | Platinum
5 80 Yew Shining Marble Ironsilk Mithril
6 100 Thornwood Radiant Travertine Steelsilk Adamantium

Tier Level Papyrus Clay Crystals Gems
1 1 Common Adobe Viridian Garnet | Malachite | Turquoise
2 20 White Earthenware Cerulean Amethyst | Lapis Lazuli | Rose Quartz
3 40 Azure Terra Cotta Amber Aquamarine | Citrine | Jasper
4 60 Rose Stoneware Titian Jade | Opal | Topaz
5 80 Silver Geostone Crimson Fire Opal | Peridot | Emerald
6 100 Golden Porcelain Violet Ruby | Diamond | Sapphire

Tier Level Fish | Bonus Resources Fungus | Bonus Resources
1 1 Minnow | Shrimp, Squid Istarian
2 20 Bluegill | Clam, Squid Browngill
3 40 Bass | Eel, Squid Roughcap
4 60 Trout | Lobster, Squid Stonespore
5 80 Mackerel | Crab, Red Snapper, Squid Blood | Truffles
6 100 Halibut | Urchin, Swordfish, Squid Shadowstem | Buttercap

Cegaiel's recommended links for more/additional info:
  Istaria Lexica Wiki This wiki is on steroids! Clean, easy to navigate and no ads and consistently remains up to date over time.
  Istara's Chosen Impressive site with Guides, Tools & Resources. Includes: Build Creator, Crystal/Equipement/Technique Database, AGH Viewer, Community Lair map, more! Also clean, easy to navigate and no ads and consistently remains up to date over time.

Misc Links:
  Adventure Rating Calculator Input the levels of all your adventure schools and it will tell you the Rating level. Idea for planning ahead.
  FabricIsle.com Archives An improved Adventure Rating Calulator and Trophy Exp Calculator
  Dragon Buildings Information on Dragon buildings, planning and stats. Created by Jaykke @ Chaos. You can also download both PDF and Powerpoint from the Mirror or Click: Dragon_Buildings.zip - Update posted: Sept 4, 2013
  Video Guides & Tutorials Video guides such as Helian/Lunus RoP walkthrough by Brusinger @ Chaos, Skalkaar guide by Racktor @ Order, official game video, more to come...
  Grand Master Crafter Guide Hub for Player Guides on their personal experiences on the best way to reach Grand Master Crafter status (all crafting schools to level 100).
  Horizon Crafting Calculator HCC is a windows program that shows formulas, techs, comps and various stats, required resources, etc to help assist in crafting.
  HZ Confectioner Website with Confectioner Recipes + Database and Leveling Guides.
The site isn't working on July 4, 2023 but here is Web Archive to view
  Istaria Community Forums Istaria.com Community Forums.

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