DATABASE LAST UPDATED: September 20, 2020

  • Note: Building names with lines through them (Shop Buildings) denotes they are temporarily obsolete for artwork updates. See September 2011 Patch Notes. Yes, I know it is now 2015, but these are still correctly marked as obsolete!

  • Credit/Thanks to: Delite/Delicat on Chaos server, for her hard work on the Biped Plot Spreadsheet, that inspired and assisted in this page. Please refer to the spreadsheet or HCC for decorations data (as I do not maintain that data here). Note: I do not believe the spreadsheet is being kept up to date. Spreadsheet is from around early 2012. However, I still do keep biped structures up to date here though.

  • Note: I now assist in keeping Horizons Crafting Calculator (HCC program) up to date. So you can also download and check all structures, included on this page and misc/decorations that ARE MISSING from this page, in the program. There is no guarantee everything is 100% up to date, but it is consistently updated. The program has an update button, for your convenience. As always, I will also keep the data for buildings, on this page, up to date and a priority (but always update HCC at same time).

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