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In my previous article in Game Customization, I explained how to make your Main chat channel (Say) appear in color.

If you want to have a different channel to also have color (or a different color), then you must create a new chat window (Blue Dot, click Chat to create a new window).

Here is a step by step guide to make both of your Main chat (Say) and Group chat to have color at same time.

1) Make sure you have setup your main chat window to display color:

2) Now create a second window for Group:

3) Now you have a second chat window. Click on the Chat settings button for THIS window now.

MAKE SURE you uncheck all boxes for this Group window, but leave BOTH Emote and Group checked. If you do not check the Emote box, then the color will FAIL.

Pay very close attention that the Default Command Prefix also has a /g in the box. Main (say) chat channel does NOT have the /g (to designate Group)

4) Now when you type in your group chat window (Top window) you will see color. You will also see color in the Main (say) chat window, too (Bottom window).