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2021-Aug-8:   Buffering turned OFF. More Optimizations!
Added Filter: Structure Size and Search By field to search by Structure Name OR Structure ID#

2021-May-20:   BUG FIX: Some structures were including resources that shouldn't be there. This would cause ASP error and add resources that didn't match up to the game display.
Removed test development structures (Trismus) that were displaying although players can't reach the area.

2020-Apr-7:   FURTHER IMPROVEMENTS on Mar 10th update. Fixed MORE bugs where query/operation might time out. Improved load times. We should be on Turbo mode now :)

2020-Mar-10:   Fixed bug where query/operation might time out. Improved load times.

2019-Aug-14:   Fix Structure total bug on last structure. Disabled Hide Completed checkbox when filtering by resources.

2019-Jul-10:   Added some Filtering options.

2019-Jul-3:   Beta, introduction ... Find community structures that can be built.

Note: Lair projects should be the Dralk -> Chiconis connector; a massive undergound tunnel system that spans almost 1/3 of Istaria's mainland. You'll want to enter the nearest Massive Community Lair Entrance to reach those locations. There are 10 possible entrances. When you click the coordinates button, on a Lair structure, the pop-up map will show all possible 10 entrances!