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  • Project Completion Status:  There has been 1226 of 1229 images (ability tooltips) uploaded to the database, by the community. We Thank You!

  • 3 Missing Images
  • 1 Images in Queue to be Replaced (Awaiting Cegaiel to commit the update - Please use game's Default Theme (and No Icon Pack Mod), for screenshots, Please!)
  • 4 Total Images needed for 100% completion

This ability has an approved image in MAIN database Denotes an image exists for the ability. You can upload a replacement, in this state, but will not be Live until I approve it (see below).
This image has not yet been approved yet;
Also no image exists in MAIN database This ability has an approved image in MAIN database Denotes an image exists for the ability, but a player has uploaded an update. Once I manually approve the image, it will replace the image on school page.
After approval, status will change to  This ability has an approved image in MAIN database

Do not worry about making mistakes or overwriting other images. This database is seperate from the schools database. Whatever is done on this page, will NOT harm the schools chart database.
Display abilities with 3 different methods below. Click Ability names, on bottom left, to view and/or update and/or upload screenshots.
You can alternatively view Schools Chart and see what abilities are needed by school. There will be a link for each needed abililty.

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       * Denotes a Masterable Ability
 * 1 Foraging I
 * 1 Ingenuity I
 * 1 Mining I
 * 20 Foraging II
 * 20 Ingenuity II
 * 20 Mining II
 * 25 Gift Slots: Two
 * 40 Foraging III
 * 40 Ingenuity III
 * 40 Mining III
 * 50 Gift Slots: Three
 * 60 Foraging IV
 * 60 Ingenuity IV
 * 60 Mining IV
 * 75 Gift Slots: Four
 * 80 Foraging V
 * 80 Ingenuity V
 * 80 Mining V
 * 100 Foraging VI
 * 100 Gift Slots: Five
 * 100 Ingenuity VI
 * 100 Mining VI

22/1229 abilities displaying

    (22/22 have images)
    (0/22 don't have images)

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    * Ingenuity IV *

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