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2022-Apr-1:   Fixed Duplicate Tech Mod Names sometimes appearing.

2022-Mar-27:   Improved Sorting! You can customize up to four (4) different sorting parameters. Icons no longer appear, by default (to speed up load times). However, there is a new checkbox "Show Icons" if you do wish to see them. Tooltips (hover Item Name) will now show basic Requirements to Use/Scribe the Item (if any).

2022-Feb-10:   Removed the method to Search by Seller and Item Name. This might be added again in the future. For now, it's a security measure to prevent SQL Injection attacks. My apologies!

2021-Dec-25:   Added Imperial Consigner Marei (Kion). Fixed bug of consigner name and location not displaying when you choose the "Search ALL Imperial Consigners" from pulldown menu.

2021-May-03:   Add new column Price*Quantity. Removed primitive icons from table. It's getting too dificult to keep up with icons. Due to fact that I can't tint them on the fly, like the game does and different shapes and sizes, I felt it was just best to remove them. Sorry about that.

2021-Apr-28:   You can now search by Prim# or Multiple Prim #'s (Seperate each number by a comma). Implemented AJAX to display suggestions when you start typing an item name or prim#(s) in the search box. This is a BETA feature and might need some fine tuning...

2021-Apr-27:   Tooltips now show Hoard Value, Coin Value and Name of any Techs applied to the item. Removed blue icon for tooltips. Instead hover over item name cell, in table, for tooltip.