Emblems are rewards from quests or purchased that will appear in your Abilities list.
They all give you a Title (Change to your floating name), but some also give special bonuses.

Note: This page was revamped (on May 21, 2019) so I can import the data more easily. It is lacking some info, for now, that's included on the Old Emblem Page. But you can check that page for other info.

Title/Emblem Name Title Display Bonus Stats
A Reel Fisherman YourName, A Reel Fisherman +40 Fishing
Antidote Expert YourName, Antidote Expert +75 Alchemy
Apprentice Fisherman YourName, Apprentice Fisherman +10 Fishing
Avenger of the Iron Guard YourName, Avenger of the Iron Guard +50 One Hand Crush
+50 Two Hand Crush
Balit's Friend YourName, Balit's Friend
Bane of the Deadlands YourName, Bane of the Deadlands +12 Damage (delay adjusted)
Bane of the Undead YourName, Bane of the Undead +14 Damage (delay adjusted)
Beetle Crusher YourName, Beetle Crusher +50 One Hand Slash
+50 Spirit
+50 Two Hand Slash
Beetle Squisher YourName, Beetle Squisher +50 One Hand Slash
+50 Two Hand Slash
Beetle Swatter YourName, Beetle Swatter
Blights' Bane YourName, Blights Bane +8 Damage (delay adjusted)
Bloodletters' Bane YourName, Bloodletters' Bane +5 Damage (delay adjusted) Against Fyakki
Champion of the Iron Guard YourName, Champion of the Iron Guard +50 One Hand Crush
+50 Spirit
+50 Two Hand Crush
Chef Chef YourName +25 Cooking
Confessor of the Clerical Order Confessor YourName +150 Health
Creepy Crawler Crusher YourName, Creepy Crawler Crusher +50 Flame
Crystal-Smasher Crystal-Smasher YourName
Curate of the Clerical Order Curate YourName +50 Life
+200 Health
Defender of New Trismus YourName, Defender of New Trismus
Defender of Sslanis YourName, Defender of Sslanis
Defender of the Iron Guard YourName, Defender of the Iron Guard
Demon Slayer YourName the Demon Slayer +10 Damage (delay adjusted)
Dung of Eternal Stench YourName, Dung of Eternal Stench +50 Energy
+50 One Hand Slash
+50 Two Hand Slash
Dung Reeking YourName, Dung Reeking +50 One Hand Slash
+50 Two Hand Slash
Dung Splattered YourName, Dung Splattered
Emblem of the Gifted YourName the Gifted +8 Strength
+8 Power
Enemy of Automation YourName, Enemy of Automation +25 One Hand Crush
+25 Two Hand Crush
+4 Damage (delay adjusted) Against Automation
Enemy of Bioscholars YourName, Enemy of Bioscholars +10 Damage (delay adjusted) Against Abomination
Enemy of Technomancers YourName, Enemy of Technomancers +10 Damage (delay adjusted) Against Wraith
Envoy of Aubadrine YourName, Envoy of Aubadrine
Etcher of Murals YourName, Etcher of Murals
Expert Alchemist YourName, Expert Alchemist +50 Alchemy
Expert Armorer YourName, Expert Armorer +50 Armorcraft
Expert Blacksmith YourName, Expert Blacksmith +25 Fletching
+25 Metalworking
+25 Sculpting
+25 Weaponcraft
+25 Woodworking
Expert Carpenter YourName, Expert Carpenter +50 Carpentry
Expert Confectioner YourName, Expert Confectioner +50 Brewing
+50 Cooking
Expert Crystalshaper YourName, Expert Crystalshaper +50 Crystalshaping
Expert Dragon Crafter YourName, Expert Dragon Crafter +50 Dragon Scalecraft
Expert Enchanter YourName, Expert Enchanter +50 Enchanting
+50 Essence Structuring
+50 Transmutation
Expert Fitter YourName, Expert Fitter +50 Fitting
Expert Fletcher YourName, Expert Fletcher +50 Fletching
Expert Gatherer YourName, Expert Gatherer +50 Essence Shaping
+50 Lumbering
+50 Papermaking
+50 Preparing
+50 Spinning
+50 Tanning
Expert Jeweler YourName, Expert Jeweler +50 Jewelcraft
Expert Lairshaper YourName, Expert Lairshaper +50 Lairshaping
Expert Mason YourName, Expert Mason +50 Masonry
Expert Miner YourName, Expert Miner +50 Gemworking
+50 Smelting
+50 Stoneworking
Expert Outfitter YourName, Expert Outfitter +25 Armorcraft
+25 Clothworking
+25 Leatherworking
+25 Tailoring
Expert Scholar YourName, Expert Scholar +50 Scribing
Expert Spellcrafter YourName, Expert Spellcrafter +50 Spellcraft
Expert Tailor YourName, Expert Tailor +50 Clothworking
+50 Leatherworking
+50 Tailoring
Expert Tinkerer YourName, Expert Tinkerer +50 Metalworking
+50 Sculpting
+50 Tinkering
+50 Woodworking
Expert Weaponsmith YourName, Expert Weaponsmith +50 Weaponcraft
Expert Weaver YourName, Expert Weaver +50 Weaving
Explorer of the Deep YourName, Explorer of the Deep +11 Damage (delay adjusted)
Exterminator Exterminator YourName +4 Damage (delay adjusted) Against Beetles
Eye of the Tiger YourName, Eye of the Tiger +50 Strength
+50 Unarmed
Does 105% normal Damage
Fisherman YourName, Fisherman +20 Fishing
Fly Swatter YourName, Fly Swatter
Forest Skulk Avenger YourName, Skulk Avenger +20 One Hand Pierce
Forest Skulk Slayer YourName, Skulk Slayer
Free Grant YourName, Free Grant!
Friend of the North YourName, Friend of the North
Friend of the Saris YourName, Friend of the Saris +50 Health
+50 Armor
Friend of the Satyr YourName, Friend of the Satyr
Frost's Bane YourName, Frost's Bane
Grand Master Crafter YourName, Grand Master Crafter
Grand Master Dragon Crafter YourName, Grand Master Dragon Crafter
Grave-Digger Grave-Digger YourName +2 Damage (delay adjusted) Against Undead
Helian's Protector YourName, Helian's Protector +50 Primal
+50 Tooth and Claw
High Confessor of the Clerical Order High Confessor YourName +25 Life
+175 Health
Higher Prelate of the Clerical Order High Prelate YourName +100 Life
+250 Health
  Heals 1.50%  every 1:00
Honored Knight of Creation Honored YourName, Knight of Creation
Hooked on Fishin' YourName, Hooked on Fishin' +30 Fishing
Imperial Sell Sword YourName Imperial Sell Sword
Investigator Investigator YourName
Iron Confectioner YourName, Iron Confectioner +10 Cooking
Journeyman Lairshaper YourName, Journeyman Lairshaper +25 Lairshaping
Keeper of the Heart YourName, Keeper of the Heart +14 Damage (delay adjusted)
Keymaker Keymaker YourName +50 Earthencraft
+50 Tinkering
Keymaster Keymaster YourName +75 Earthencraft
+75 Tinkering
Kion Militia Emblem Private YourName of the Kion Militia
Knowledge Seeker Emblem YourName, Knowledge Seeker
Lesser Prelate of the Clerical Order Lesser Prelate YourName +75 Life
+225 Health
Lore Master Lore Master YourName +14 Damage (delay adjusted)
Lore Seeker Lore Seeker YourName +10 Damage (delay adjusted)
Master Builder YourName, Master Builder
Master Lairshaper YourName, Master Lairshaper
Matriarch of the Clerical Order Matriarch YourName +125 Life
+275 Health
  Heals 2.50%  every 1:00
Member of the Clerical Order YourName of the Clerical Order +20 Life
Myloc Hunter YourName, Myloc Hunter +50 One Hand Slash
+50 Spirit
+50 Two Hand Slash
+9 Damage (delay adjusted) Against Mylocs
Myloc Slayer YourName, Myloc Slayer +25 One Hand Slash
+25 Spirit
+25 Two Hand Slash
+8 Damage (delay adjusted) Against Mylocs
Mylocs' Bane YourName, Mylocs' Bane +50 One Hand Slash
+50 Spirit
+50 Two Hand Slash
+10 Damage (delay adjusted) Against Mylocs
Nemesis of the Mylocs YourName, Nemesis of the Mylocs +200 Spirit Resistance
Of Dereth YourName of Dereth
Of the Helian YourName of the Helian
Of the Lunus YourName of the Lunus
Painter of Masks YourName, Painter of Masks
Patriarch of the Clerical Order Patriarch YourName +125 Life
+275 Health
  Heals 2.50%  every 1:00
Private of the Iron Guard YourName, Private of the Iron Guard
Protector of the Past YourName, Protector of the Past
Purifier YourName the Purifier
Relic Hunter Relic Hunter YourName +5 Damage (delay adjusted) Against Undead
Relic Protector Relic Protector YourName +10 Damage (delay adjusted) Against Undead
Research Assistant Research Assistant YourName
Rhapsodist of Rhyme YourName, Rhapsodist of Rhyme
Ruxus Wrecker YourName, Ruxus Wrecker
Savior of the Satyr YourName, Savior of the Satyr
Scorpion Hunter YourName, Scorpion Hunter +50 One Hand Crush
+50 Two Hand Crush
Scorpion Slayer YourName, Scorpion Slayer
Scorpions' Bane YourName, Scorpions' Bane +50 Ice
+50 One Hand Crush
+50 Two Hand Crush
Slayer of Chickens YourName, Slayer of Chickens
Spider Slayer YourName, Spider Slayer
Spinner of Tales YourName, Spinner of Tales
Storm Master Master YourName of the Storm +100 Nature
+100 Storm
+100 Unarmed
The Aged YourName the Aged
The Angler YourName the Angler +50 Fishing
the Angry YourName the Angry +9 Damage (delay adjusted)
the Beaten YourName the Beaten +9 Damage (delay adjusted)
the Blighted YourName the Blighted +12 Damage (delay adjusted)
the Brave YourName the Brave +10 Damage (delay adjusted)
the Burned YourName the Burned +9 Damage (delay adjusted)
the Calm YourName the Calm +8 Damage (delay adjusted)
The Experienced YourName the Experienced
the Firestarter YourName the Firestarter +10 Damage (delay adjusted)
the Free YourName the Free +10 Damage (delay adjusted)
the Gentle YourName the Gentle +8 Damage (delay adjusted)
the Helpful YourName the Helpful +9 Damage (delay adjusted)
The Honored YourName the Honored
The Immortal YourName the Immortal
the Impulsive YourName the Impulsive +9 Damage (delay adjusted)
the Insane YourName the Insane +9 Damage (delay adjusted)
The Just YourName the Just
the Knight YourName the Knight +12 Damage (delay adjusted)
the Liberator YourName the Liberator +12 Damage (delay adjusted)
the Light in the Dark YourName, the Light in the Dark +12 Damage (delay adjusted)
the Lost YourName the Lost +8 Damage (delay adjusted)
the Loyal YourName the Loyal +8 Damage (delay adjusted)
the Mad YourName the Mad +8 Damage (delay adjusted)
The Mature YourName the Mature
the Peaceful YourName the Peaceful +10 Damage (delay adjusted)
The Perpetual YourName the Perpetual
The Preservationist YourName the Preservationist
the Reckless YourName the Reckless +10 Damage (delay adjusted)
the Saboteur YourName the Saboteur +9 Damage (delay adjusted)
the Sad YourName the Sad +9 Damage (delay adjusted)
the Seeker YourName the Seeker +9 Damage (delay adjusted)
The Shatterer YourName the Shatterer +20 Primal
+20 Tooth and Claw
Does 110% normal Damage Against Azulars
the Singed YourName the Singed +8 Damage (delay adjusted)
the Spiritual YourName the Spiritual +10 Damage (delay adjusted)
the Tortured YourName the Tortured +12 Damage (delay adjusted)
The Venerable YourName the Venerable
The Veteran YourName the Veteran
the Wicked YourName the Wicked +9 Damage (delay adjusted)
Tomb Seeker YourName the Tomb Seeker
Touched by Flame YourName, Touched by Flame +12 Damage (delay adjusted)
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter YourName
Treasure Plunderer Treasure Plunderer YourName
Unsung Hero YourName, Unsung Hero
Vandus Militia YourName, Vandus Militia Member +20 Ice
+20 One Hand Pierce
+4 Damage (delay adjusted) Against Skulks
Weaver of Banners YourName, Weaver of Banners
Wolf Hunter YourName, Wolf Hunter +3 Damage (delay adjusted) Against Animals

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