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Fabric Isle Archives

These pages were originally from the now defunct website.
Full credits for the pages belong to Dracillion @ Chaos.

  • Adventure Rating Calculator

    • Adventure Rating Calculator that remembers your input (cookies), on future visits and has schools labeled.

  • Trophy Calculator

    • Calculates Trophy Experience, see original forum thread/explanation here. Remembers your input (cookies), on future visits.

  • 278 / 234 Guide

    • A nice guide on getting GMC (Grand Master Crafter - Level 234 Crafting) and Level 278 Adventurer (All schools at 100).

      Beware: This guide was written in 2013, so some minor details might be inaccurate. But the overall guide is sound.
      For example: TLR gives you 10 Clothworking per level. Leveling it before WVR and OUT would result in potential experience points loss.
      This statement is no longer true. Construction schools now only give experience to their own specific school. So WVR no longer gives TLR experience.