HCC is a windows program originally written by Reclamation Team; it shows formulas, techs, comps and various stats, required resources, etc.

However, formula requirements have changed since 2009. These changes are now being maintained by the community (to the database of formulas, not the executable itself).

The past few years updates were available from http://istaria.info aka Timeless Guild but the site appears to no longer be valid. I had also started mirroring all the updates and also provided an alternative update server.

Follow instructions to install HCC and/or download/update the config.xml file, needed to switch and start using istariareference.com as the update server.

Also, you can view the HCC thread in community forums for additional info. Past HCC updates are also MIRRORED HERE.

The last update available is 2017-11-09 in order to get this update, you'll need to alter config.xml, which is located in the folder where you installed the game (Likely c:\program files (x86)\HCC)

Here's the steps for this:

  2. This Config.XML file will point to istariareference.com. Right click this link, Save As and Overwrite the config.xml in the HCC Folder: Config.xml
  3. Start HCC again.

    Click Live Update again. You should now notice the Update Server now says IstariaReference.com in the pulldown menu.
    Click Check For Update button again and Start Download button.

  4. If all went well, you should see your latest version number here: