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Tip: Use Mousewheel to zoom in/out. While zooming (mousewheel), point your mouse to the area you want to stay focused on. You can drag map by holding the left mouse button. You can also zoom in and focus by double clicking in a specific area on the map.
Click the button, on top right corner of map, to hide/show markers by type!



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Search marker location by Name and/or Type  (Partial names OK - Searches 'Description' field)
  Note: You can also search markers by 'short' (ie 252/232) or normal (ie 25200/23200) coordinates below. You must use a / slash mark when using this feature!
Tooltip Behavior:
  Checked:   Requires you to click an icon to see Tooltip. Will not close unless you click X on top-right of tooltip or click/zoom/move map.
UnChecked:   Show tooltip when you hover an icon. Clicking icons will pin (sometimes tricky). Only unpins when you hover a different icon or zoom/move map.
Map:   ← Automatically updates map when changed
Marker Type:

Map: Istaria - Searches/displays ALL markers in database, including city, dungeons, starter islands, etc maps.
All other maps (in Map pulldown menu) will search/display markers available for that map only.
Note: Leave Search Box blank to show ALL markers in non-Istaria World Map. Istaria World Map - You must enter a search value.
OR Display Coordinates:

*   Tip: Click the "Insert Pad & Portal Markers" button, top left page, to see ALL pads/portals (for reference points).