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*   Pads / 319 Portals (319) markers inserted on map!
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(1)20375, 29742  [204/297]Char/DralkMonsterObsidian Boulder Golem/Lvl 65-70
(2)20468, 29858  [205/299]Char/DralkMonsterObsidian Boulder Golem/Lvl 65-70
(3)20598, 29872  [206/299]Char/DralkMonsterObsidian Boulder Golem/Lvl 65-70
(4)20772, 29892  [208/299]Char/DralkMonsterObsidian Boulder Golem/Lvl 65-70
(5)25872, 35000  [259/350]Valley of ReposeMonsterObsidian Boulder Golem/Lvl 65-70
(6)20361, 29520  [204/295]Char/DralkMonsterObsidian Boulder Golem/Lvl 66-70
(7)20433, 29365  [204/294]Char/DralkMonsterObsidian Boulder Golem/Lvl 66-70
(8)20379, 29846  [204/298]Char/DralkMonsterTashka Lusa/Named Obsidian Boulder Golem/Lvl 71-73/HP-4688 (Can spawn with any nearby Obsidian Boulder Golem)