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  • Jul 17, 2017: Fiery Maw map (New Surtheim Area) has been added.
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(1)18346, 24483  [183/245]Abandoned IsleCraftingAbandoned Isle Clothworking Center (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(2)18073, 24797  [181/248]Abandoned IsleCraftingAbandoned Isle Essence Circle (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(3)17681, 24558  [177/246]Abandoned IsleCraftingAbandoned Isle Gemcutting Shack (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(4)18117, 24414  [181/244]Abandoned IsleCraftingAbandoned Isle Logging Camp (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(5)18048, 24570  [180/246]Abandoned IsleCraftingAbandoned Isle Ore Refinery (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(6)18255, 24550  [183/246]Abandoned IsleCraftingAbandoned Isle Stoneworking Shelter (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(7)17648, 24861  [176/249]Abandoned IsleCraftingAbandoned Isle Tannery (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(8)28244, 27817  [282/278]AradothCraftingAbandoned Shore Logging Camp (T4) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(9)26599, 35724  [266/357]Valley of ReposeCraftingAcul Essence Circle (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(10)26608, 35684  [266/357]Valley of ReposeCraftingAcul Logging Camp (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(11)28026, 35506  [280/355]TrandalarCraftingAcul Ore Refinery (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(12)28426, 25276  [284/253]AradothCraftingAradoth Frontier Essence Circle (T5) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(13)27833, 25930  [278/259]AradothCraftingAradoth Frontier Stoneworking Shelter (T5) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(14)25408, 25060  [254/251]AradothCraftingAughundell Ore Refinery (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(15)25150, 24714  [252/247]AradothCraftingAughundell S Stoneworking Shelter (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(16)25090, 25095  [251/251]AradothCraftingAughundell Stoneworking Shelter (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(17)25151, 25226  [252/252]AradothCraftingAughundell W Gemcutting Shack (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(18)25136, 25469  [251/255]AradothCraftingAughundell W Stoneworking Shelter (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(19)24913, 25545  [249/255]AradothCraftingAughundell West Ore Refinery (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(20)21970, 25120  [220/251]Barasavian DesertCraftingBarasavian Desert Gemcutting Shack (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(21)21997, 25091  [220/251]Barasavian DesertCraftingBarasavian Desert Ore Refinery (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(22)30762, 25947  [308/259]Eastern DeadlandsCraftingBarrier Vale Gemcutting Shack (T6) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(23)30784, 25908  [308/259]Eastern DeadlandsCraftingBarrier Vale Logging Camp (T6) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(24)30749, 25920  [307/259]Eastern DeadlandsCraftingBarrier Vale Ore Refinery (T6) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(25)24253, 30511  [243/305]Kirasanct/Mahagra TundraCraftingBlizzard's Reach Logging Camp (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(26)24252, 30358  [243/304]Kirasanct/Mahagra TundraCraftingBlizzard's Reach Stoneworking Shelter (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(27)27771, 25690  [278/257]AradothCraftingBruttien Homestead Logging Camp (T5) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(28)15129, 15204  [151/152]Genevia IslandCraftingCedar Cove Logging Camp (T1) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(29)22265, 21101  [223/211]Dalimond PeninsulaCraftingCentral Valley Stoneworking Shelter (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(30)21214, 27847  [212/278]Char/DralkCraftingChar Ore Refinery (T4) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(31)20955, 28728  [210/287]Char/DralkCraftingChar Stoneworking Shelter (T4) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(32)25143, 22484  [251/225]Granitefall MountainsCraftingChiconis East Clothworking Center (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(33)25023, 22234  [250/222]Granitefall MountainsCraftingChiconis East Ore Refinery (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(34)15728, 13934  [157/139]Genevia IslandCraftingCopperton Ore Refinery (T1) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(35)22796, 22650  [228/226]DalimondCraftingDalimond Logging Camp (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(36)22855, 22602  [229/226]DalimondCraftingDalimond Stoneworking Shelter (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(37)23461, 22090  [235/221]Dalimond PeninsulaCraftingDark Forest Clothworking Center (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(38)23422, 22133  [234/221]Dalimond PeninsulaCraftingDark Forest Essence Circle (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(39)23464, 22188  [235/222]Crankenspank TombCraftingDark Forest Logging Camp (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(40)23899, 23296  [239/233]AradothCraftingDesert Shore E Logging Camp (T4) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(41)23315, 23537  [233/235]AradothCraftingDesert Shore Essence Circle (T4) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(42)21707, 23753  [217/238]AradothCraftingDesert Shore Ore Refinery (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(43)23354, 23420  [234/234]AradothCraftingDesert Shore Tannery (T4) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(44)23348, 23507  [233/235]AradothCraftingDesert Shore W Logging Camp (T4) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(45)15009, 30447  [150/304]DrakulCraftingDrakul Frontier Essence Circle (T5) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(46)20535, 29717  [205/297]Char/DralkCraftingDralk Stoneworking Shelter (T4) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(47)26189, 26433  [262/264]AradothCraftingDwarven Barrows Clothworking Center (T5) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(48)28376, 24030  [284/240]AradothCraftingEastern Deadlands Clothworking (T6) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(49)28345, 24064  [283/241]AradothCraftingEastern Deadlands Essence Circle (T6) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(50)28405, 24021  [284/240]AradothCraftingEastern Deadlands Logging Camp (T6) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(51)28651, 25666  [287/257]AradothCraftingEastern Outpost Gemcutting Shack (T5) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(52)28652, 25727  [287/257]AradothCraftingEastern Outpost Logging Camp (T5) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(53)28757, 25767  [288/258]AradothCraftingEastern Outpost Ore Refinery (T5) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(54)28708, 25758  [287/258]AradothCraftingEastern Outpost Stoneworking Shelter (T5) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(55)19137, 17573  [191/176]Scorpion IsleCraftingElmnic Logging Camp (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(56)22277, 22825  [223/228]Dalimond PeninsulaCraftingErichald's Hill Ore Refinery (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(57)20248, 18982  [202/190]Fabric IsleCraftingFabric Isle N Clothworking Center (T4) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(58)20206, 18695  [202/187]Fabric IsleCraftingFabric Isle S Clothworking Center (T1) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(59)29910, 29814  [299/298]Island of FalathienCraftingFalathien Essence Circle (T4) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(60)29844, 29818  [298/298]Island of FalathienCraftingFalathien Logging Camp (T4) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(61)29787, 29163  [298/292]Island of FalathienCraftingFalathien Ore Refinery (T4) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(62)29519, 28866  [295/289]Island of FalathienCraftingFalathien Stoneworking Shelter (T4) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(63)25734, 24322  [257/243]AradothCraftingFeladan Woods Clothworking Center (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(64)25830, 24299  [258/243]AradothCraftingFeladan Woods Essence Circle (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(65)25779, 24299  [258/243]AradothCraftingFeladan Woods Ore Refinery (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(66)25804, 24350  [258/244]AradothCraftingFeladan Woods Stoneworking Shelter (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(67)23494, 27475  [235/275]Kirasanct/Mahagra TundraCraftingFrostwatch Gemcutting Shack (T4) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(68)14694, 15075  [147/151]Genevia IslandCraftingGarnet Bay Gemcutting Shack (T1) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(69)20340, 23899  [203/239]Lesser AradothCraftingGem Miner's Gemcutting Shack (T1) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(70)25385, 22074  [254/221]Granitefall MountainsCraftingGranitefall Mountains North Ore Refinery (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(71)24648, 21513  [246/215]Granitefall MountainsCraftingGranitefall Mountains Ore Refinery (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(72)18787, 14175  [188/142]Isle of WispsCraftingIsle of Wisps Essence Circle (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(73)16224, 14426  [162/144]Genevia IslandCraftingIstaria's Loom Clothworking Center (T1) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(74)22684, 20588  [227/206]Dalimond PeninsulaCraftingIzzon's Peak Stoneworking Shelter (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(75)22938, 22933  [229/229]Dalimond PeninsulaCraftingJenkin's Hill Gemcutting Shack (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(76)22483, 28292  [225/283]Char/DralkCraftingJirakis Stoneworking Shelter (T4) (Delta 270-Rebuild - New for Delta 279)
(77)16903, 16607  [169/166]Scorpion IsleCraftingKenaf Port Clothworking Center (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(78)22841, 22199  [228/222]Dalimond PeninsulaCraftingKing's Cross Logging Camp (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(79)20395, 24206  [204/242]Lesser AradothCraftingKion Clothworking Center (T1) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(80)20094, 24392  [201/244]KionCraftingKion Logging Camp (T1) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(81)20056, 24264  [201/243]Lesser AradothCraftingKion Ore Refinery (T1) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(82)23038, 27914  [230/279]Kirasanct/Mahagra TundraCraftingKirasanct Gemcutting Shack (T4) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(83)22865, 27410  [229/274]AradothCraftingKirasanct Tundra Ore Refinery (T4) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(84)26800, 26000  [268/260]AradothCraftingLast Stand Clothworking Center (T4) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(85)26582, 25924  [266/259]AradothCraftingLast Stand Ore Refinery (T4) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(86)23316, 26449  [233/264]AradothCraftingLong Walk Essence Circle (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(87)21340, 25874  [213/259]AubadorCraftingLong Walk Logging Camp (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(88)21310, 25947  [213/259]AubadorCraftingLong Walk Ore Refinery (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(89)23961, 30132  [240/301]Kirasanct/Mahagra TundraCraftingMahagra Gemcutting Shack (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(90)19880, 17256  [199/173]Scorpion IsleCraftingMambow Point Essence Circle (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(91)22760, 26646  [228/266]AradothCraftingMiddling Lands E Logging Camp (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(92)22103, 26239  [221/262]AradothCraftingMiddling Lands Essence Circle (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(93)22119, 25771  [221/258]AradothCraftingMiddling Lands Gemcutting Shack (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(94)22071, 25773  [221/258]AradothCraftingMiddling Lands Logging Camp (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(95)22832, 26724  [228/267]AradothCraftingMiddling Lands Stoneworking Shelter (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(96)22175, 26255  [222/263]AradothCraftingMiddling Lands W Logging Camp (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(97)19779, 22468  [198/225]Lesser AradothCraftingMiner's Mound Ore Refinery (T1) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(98)27280, 28089  [273/281]AradothCraftingMisted Forest Clothworking Center (T5) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(99)27251, 28105  [273/281]AradothCraftingMisted Forest Logging Camp (T5) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(100)27187, 24861  [272/249]AradothCraftingMithril Canyon Ore Refinery (T5) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(101)27395, 25254  [274/253]AradothCraftingMithril's Anvil Logging Camp (T5) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(102)27430, 25295  [274/253]AradothCraftingMithril's Anvil Ore Refinery (T5) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(103)23908, 27657  [239/277]Kirasanct/Mahagra TundraCraftingMorathaven Gemcutting Shack (T4) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(104)24615, 25864  [246/259]AradothCraftingNew Rachival Clothworking Center (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(105)45970, 14381  [460/144]New TrismusCraftingNew Trismus Clothworking Center (T1) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(106)20038, 23533  [200/235]Lesser AradothCraftingNorth Parsinia Logging Camp (T1) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(107)19889, 23985  [199/240]Lesser AradothCraftingNorth Parsinia Stoneworking Shelter (T1) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(108)19715, 23011  [197/230]Lesser AradothCraftingNuthala Essence Circle (T1) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(109)19618, 22975  [196/230]Lesser AradothCraftingNuthala Tannery (T1) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(110)26211, 34906  [262/349]Valley of ReposeCraftingOakenwood Logging Camp (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(111)15745, 14517  [157/145]Genevia IslandCraftingPajalsti Essence Circle (T1) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(112)15646, 14201  [156/142]Genevia IslandCraftingPajalsti Ore Refinery (T1) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(113)15736, 14725  [157/147]Genevia IslandCraftingPajalsti Tannery (T1) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(114)25369, 26971  [254/270]Kirasanct/Mahagra TundraCraftingRachival Clothworking Center (T4) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(115)22509, 22692  [225/227]Dalimond PeninsulaCraftingSable Coast Clothworking Center (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(116)20932, 20836  [209/208]Dalimond PeninsulaCraftingSable Coast Gemcutting Shack (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(117)21362, 22712  [214/227]Dalimond PeninsulaCraftingSable Shore Logging Camp (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(118)15168, 14158  [152/142]Genevia IslandCraftingSandstone Bluffs Stoneworking Shelter (T1) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(119)19445, 22495  [194/225]Lesser AradothCraftingSandstone Quarry Stoneworking Shelter (T1) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(120)27840, 16024  [278/160]Saritova IslandsCraftingSaritova Gemcutting Shack (T5) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(121)28055, 16073  [281/161]Saritova IslandsCraftingSaritova Logging Camp (T5) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(122)27809, 16051  [278/161]Saritova IslandsCraftingSaritova Ore Refinery (T5) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(123)27792, 16009  [278/160]Saritova IslandsCraftingSaritova W Logging Camp (T5) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(124)17769, 17230  [178/172]Scorpion IsleCraftingScorpion Bay Gemcutting Shack (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(125)17687, 16094  [177/161]Scorpion IsleCraftingScorpion Bay Stoneworking Shelter (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(126)17227, 17758  [172/178]Scorpion IsleCraftingSilver Mines Ore Refinery (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(127)17708, 16766  [177/168]Scorpion IsleCraftingSlate Hills Stoneworking Shelter (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(128)19643, 22091  [196/221]Lesser AradothCraftingSlate Quarry Stoneworking Shelter (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(129)23712, 22721  [237/227]Dalimond PeninsulaCraftingSpire's Shadow Clothworking Center (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(130)27409, 23383  [274/234]Spiritous SwampCraftingSpiritous Swamp Clothworking Center (T5) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(131)27387, 23430  [274/234]Spiritous SwampCraftingSpiritous Swamp Essence Circle (T5) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(132)20222, 22381  [202/224]Lesser AradothCraftingSslanis Basin Essence Circle (T1) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(133)20236, 22346  [202/223]Lesser AradothCraftingSslanis Basin Tannery (T1) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(134)20068, 22221  [201/222]Lesser AradothCraftingSslanis Jungle Gemcutting Shack (T1) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(135)24176, 29640  [242/296]Kirasanct/Mahagra TundraCraftingSummit Ore Refinery (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(136)29448, 27854  [294/279]Summoners IsleCraftingSummoner's Island Stoneworking Shelter (T6) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(137)26426, 35384  [264/354]Valley of ReposeCraftingTrandalar Clothworking Center (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(138)25199, 34949  [252/349]Valley of ReposeCraftingTrandalar E Stoneworking Shelter (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(139)25302, 35641  [253/356]Valley of ReposeCraftingTrandalar Essence Circle (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(140)23480, 34830  [235/348]Northern DeadlandsCraftingTrandalar Gemcutting Shack (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(141)25289, 34654  [253/347]Valley of ReposeCraftingTrandalar Tannery (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(142)23464, 34788  [235/348]Northern DeadlandsCraftingTrandalar W Stoneworking Shelter (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(143)26848, 26683  [268/267]AradothCraftingValley of Tears Essence Circle (T4) (Delta 270-Rebuild-New)
(144)26877, 26772  [269/268]AradothCraftingValley of Tears Logging Camp (T4) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(145)23365, 20118  [234/201]Southern SwampCraftingVandus March Clothworking Center (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(146)21856, 20166  [219/202]The WarrensCraftingVandus March Gemcutting Shack (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(147)23375, 20170  [234/202]Dalimond PeninsulaCraftingVandus March Logging Camp (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(148)23081, 20248  [231/202]Dalimond PeninsulaCraftingVandus March Stoneworking Shelter (T2) (Delta 270-Rebuild)
(149)26063, 28153  [261/282]AradothCraftingWinter Vale Logging Camp (T3) (Delta 270-Rebuild)