Imperial Spell Vendors sell Tier I-II spells. There are four vendors currently:

Resliak New Trismus T1 46010,14652   Note: Spells sold at 75% discount here!
Syrani Kion T1 20273,24419
Ssardask Sslanis T2 19861,21577
Librarian of Magic Dalimond T2 22790,22738

Denotes: This spell is usable by Dragon only.
Denotes: This spell can be bought in New Trismus at 75% discount!
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  Spell Price   NT Kion Sslanis Dalimond
Barrage I 500   K
Barrage II 500   D
  Binding Crystals I 300 NT
  Binding Crystals II 600   S
  Blood Bolt I 500   K
  Blood Bolt II 10  800   D
Breeze I 300 NT
Breeze II 600   S
  Burning Hands I 500   K
  Burning Hands II 500   D
  Clumsiness I 900   K
  Clumsiness II 800   D
  Energy Bolt I 700 NT
  Energy Bolt II 400   S
  Energy Bomb I 900   K
  Energy Bomb II 800   D
  Energy Resistance I 300 NT
  Energy Resistance II 600   S
  Ethereal Leach I 900   K
  Ethereal Leech II 800   D
  Flame Bolt I 700 NT K
  Flame Bolt II 400   S
  Flame Bomb I 500   K
  Flame Bomb II 500   D
  Flame Resistance I 300 NT
  Flame Resistance II 600   S
  Flame Spear I 900   K
  Flame Spear II 800   D
  Gift of Alacrity I 300 NT
  Gift of Alacrity II 600   S
  Gift of Armor I 300 NT
  Gift of Armor II 600   S
  Gift of Dexterity I 500 NT
  Gift of Dexterity II 500   S
  Gift of Focus I 500 NT
  Gift of Focus II 500   S
  Gift of Health I 900 NT
  Gift of Power I 300 NT
  Gift of Power II 600   S
  Gift of Speed I 900 NT
  Gift of Speed II 800   S
  Gift of Strength I 300 NT
  Gift of Strength II 600   S
  Gift of Toughness I 700 NT
  Gift of Toughness II 400   S
Gift of Velocity I 900 NT
Gift of Velocity II 800   S
Gust I 500 NT
Gust II 500   S
  Health I 900   K
  Health II 800   D
  Ice Bolt I 700 NT
  Ice Bolt II 400   S
  Ice Bomb I 900   K
  Ice Bomb II 800   D
  Ice Resistance I 300 NT
  Ice Resistance II 600   S
  Ice Shackles I 600   K
  Ice Shackles II 600   D
Ignore Mysticism I 400 NT
Ignore Mysticism II 200   S
  Immolate I 300 NT
  Immolate II 600   S
  Lightning Blast I 500   K
  Lightning Blast II 500   D
  Lightning Bolt I 700 NT
  Lightning Bolt II 400   S
  Minor Health I 900 NT
  Minor Health II 800   S
  Nature Resistance I 300 NT
  Nature Resistance II 600   S
  Patch of Bramble I 900   K
  Patch of Bramble II 800   D
  Primal Health I 900   K
Primal Health II 800   D
Primal Health II 800   S
Prime Bolt I 700 NT
Prime Bolt II 400   S
  Purify I 500   K
  Purify II 500   D
Quickening Breeze I 300 NT K
  Raise Armor I 300 NT
  Raise Armor II 600   S
  Raise Dexterity I 900 NT
  Raise Dexterity II 800   S
  Raise Focus I 900 NT
  Raise Focus II 800   S
  Raise Health I 300 NT
  Raise Health II 600   S
  Raise Power I 700 NT
  Raise Power II 400   S
  Raise Strength I 700 NT
  Raise Strength II 400   S
  Regrowth I 300   K
  Regrowth II 600   D
  Resurrection I 500   K
  Resurrection II 500   D
  Revitalize I 700 NT
  Revitalize II 400   S
  Root I 700 NT
  Root II 400   S
  Rust I 300 NT
  Rust II 600   S
  Scatterbrain I 900   K
  Scatterbrain II 800   D
  Self-Sacricium I 900   K
  Self-Sacrificium II 800   D
  Spirit Bolt I 700 NT
  Spirit Bolt II 400   S
  Stinging Cold I 500 NT
  Stupidity I 900   K
  Stupidity II 800   D
  Surge of Armor I 300   K
  Surge of Armor II 600   D
  Surge of Dexterity I 900   K
  Surge of Dexterity II 800   D
  Surge of Focus I 900   K
  Surge of Focus II 800   D
  Surge of Health I 300   K
  Surge of Health II 600   D
  Surge of Power I 700   K
  Surge of Power II 400   D
  Surge of Strength I 700   K
  Surge of Strength II 400   D
  Swift Feet I 700 NT
  Swift Feet II 400   S
True Grit I 700 NT
True Grit II 400   S
Unrelenting Winds I 700   K
Unrelenting Winds II 400   D
  Weakness I 700   K
  Weakness II 400   D
  Withered State I 800 NT
  Withered State II 800   S

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