Map Pack 4.0 Community Updates

  Note: There is also an online version of Map Pack (Google Maps). You can search locations on the Istaria Map page!  
Map Pack database is seamlessly intregated to the online version. Map Pack db exports appear in real time on Istaria Map page.



August 18, 2013Due to the integration of new functions to scripts and compatibility needed for future scripts, Map Pack 3.5 is now discontinued!
August 9, 2013 (08.9.2013) is the FINAL version of Map Pack 3.5. 3.5 users are strongly encouraged to upgrade to 3.6 3.7, NOW!
Updates (after August 9, 2013) will not be available in 3.5 format!
August 20, 2013 Terao @ Order is now a database administrator. His expertise on map pack is invaluable.
Future updates will now be a collaboration, so expect some new exciting updates.
There has been many revamps to the backend scripts to allow maintaining the database by multiple individuals, with flexible searching/editing methods.
This will also contribute to redundancy for future updates as well a broader array of input. Stay tuned for more...
September 5, 2013 MAP PACK 3.7 IS RELEASED! Since Terao and I have overhauled 3.6 entirely, we decided to push the version up to 3.7.
But don't worry, we made sure it will integrate seamlessly with 3.6. So if you are already using 3.6, you do NOT have to uninstall 3.6.
Updating will still be the same procedures as 3.6. That aspect has not changed. So think of 3.7 as 3.6, but improved!
If you are currently a 3.6 user, simply download 3.7 and unzip/overwrite to your Istaria folder (as usual), to upgrade.
May 7, 2014 MAP PACK 3.7 is now available in an EXE/MSI installer program! Foolproof installation and uninstallation (uninstall from Control Panel).

Note this page has now been streamlined to show only important info and geared towards the installer program.
Much of the content has been removed to avoid confusion. A copy of the old map pack page can be viewed here: mappack_old.asp
February 10, 2015 Version numbers are now using a new format!
Please be aware that the version numbers will start using the format: . Previously the format was: mm.dd.yyyy
August 19, 2021 MAP PACK 4.0 IS RELEASED!
The vanilla install map has many new features & client fixes. It has come a long way and no longer quite so boring.
These features & fixes will be available on the latest Delta 312 which has been recently released.
Previous map packs attempted to override the old boring map window, in addition to providing markers.
Map Pack 4.0 attempts to integrate and use most of the vanilla install new rich features instead of overriding many things.
It will rely on and use much more data from vanilla maps, as much as possible.
Version numbers are now displayed on the actual map window!

Last Map Pack Update:   February 2, 2024

Map Pack Overview
Install Instructions
Updates History

Tip - Did you know? You can use mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the game map.
But if you point somewhere on the map (while using mouse wheel) it will zoom specifically to the area around mouse cursor!

Note: Beginning with Dec 21, 2012 patch, you can now search/verify what version you currently have installed, in game map.

Steps to Verify Version you have Installed:

  • Dec 21, 2012 - Aug 9, 2013 - Enable/tick "Landmarks/Interests" button. Be sure to be in the Istaria map (pulldown menu).
  • Sep 5, 2013 - Dec 7, 2013 - Enable/tick "City Names" button. Be sure to be in the Istaria map (pulldown menu).
  • Feb 8, 2014 - Aug 19, 2021 - Enable/tick "Geography" button. Be sure to be in the Istaria map (pulldown menu).

    Next, search for the word "Version" (Magnifying glass icon on map).
    Hover the only marker/label found to see the current version you have installed.

    If your search for "Version" failed, then you currently have an old version (before Dec 21, 2012) or a version not downloaded from this site.

  • Aug 19, 2021 - Present - Map Pack 4.0: Version numbers now appear on the actual main map window.
    • They are no longer contained in the map as a tooltip.


    Map pack behaves exactly like the normal game map. The only thing map pack does is add extra buttons (filters) and adds predefined markers/locations on your map. These 'predefined' locations are simply a compilation gathered by players. The different buttons allows you to hide/show certain categories (resources, monsters, etc) of these predefined markers.

    Map pack does NOT intefere with your ability to manually add and maintain your own markers/locations. When you add markers they are saved the same way, it normally does, as if you didn't have map pack installed. New markers do NOT get saved to the map pack folder (resources_override) or add marker/locations to the predefined locations. Instead your markers are saved the same way as if you did not have map pack installed. Map pack markers and your own markers will always be saved in different files. In other words, all of your previously saved markers, will coexist with map pack perfectly. You can show/hide those markers seperately, with push of a button

    Whenever you save a location/marker on the map, it saves it to \Prefs\<CHARACTER_NAME>\Uimapmarkers.def file. All map pack markers/locations are stored in the \Resources_Override folder, which is created when you install map pack. So any markers you manually add does not conflict with map pack, and map pack does not conflict with any markers you manually add.

    Tip: If you are adding alot of your own markers/locations, keep this file archived (uimapmarkers.def), in case you ever need to reinstall the game. By putting this file back, all of your locations you added, will return. Actually a better suggestion would be just to archive the entire C:\<Your Game Folder>\Prefs folder. This includes the map markers you added, and all of the hotkeys, key bindings, chat settings, that you have updated previously. If you ever need to reinstall the game, then just unzip the contents of the \Prefs folder back into a new install of the game, and everything should be just the way you left it :)

    Ok, now that we've covered the fact that map pack doesn't overwrite/modify/remove, nor interfere in any way with markers you manually add and already have on your list. Let's move on...

    • What exactly is Map Pack?

      Take a look at below screenshot of Map Pack. Notice how there are many markers below? Locations to almost every NPC, Monster, Resource, Travel Locations (Pad/Portals), etc are included. So the work of adding many markers has already been compiled by players over time. You will have a great advantage and be able to search and find many things easily, in Istaria.

      Also notice the extra buttons on the left side? These extra buttons (filters) show/hide various markers. They fall into multiple categories, including:

      • Monsters
      • NPC's
      • Resources
      • Travel Spots (Teleporters, Arrival Pads)
      • Interests (Landmarks/Walls/Temples)
      • Plots/Lairs (Credits to Terao)

    • Additional features:

      • Updated Terrain (Istaria Map) images - Some of the images in the original game install isn't quite up to par. For instance, there are many lakes/ponds/rivers missing. Or some just aren't colored in blue and look like normal terrain (dirt).
      • Additional Maps not included in game: Dralnok's Doom, Rift, and Isle of Battle, Tomb of Ashlander, Helian's Tomb.
      • More 'Points of Interests' labels on map! ie Central Marsh and Izzon's Peak (screenshot below) are examples of POI labels.
        There are much more POI labels in map pack. The benefit is these labels are also searchable in the game map.
      • New avatar indicators (Credits to Terao).

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    First Time Installation (using Installer program):
    • Download the .EXE automatic installer program below and Run the program. During the setup, it will ask what folder you want to install it to. By default, it chooses your Program Files - Istaria folder (which is where your game installs by default). If you installed your game in a different folder, then select that folder instead when asked, otherwise just use all default settings.

    • If you have map pack already installed, but have never used the installer program before, then this is fine.
      The above instructions still apply to you! It will only update the necessary files.

    Updating/Patching new versions (you've used the Installer program before):
    • You do not need to uninstall your existing map pack when a new version comes out, just simply run the new installer program.
      It will remember the last location it was installed and simply update the necessary files.

    Uninstalling or Repairing:
    • You can Uninstall or Repair an installation by going to Control Panel, Programs, Uninstall a Program.
      Either select the Uninstall option to uninstall or Repair option to Repair a broken installation.

    • Additionally you can relaunch the .EXE installer program to perform both of these options.

    • Repair option is idea if map pack gets broken somehow. Example, if you were to select the "Reset Character Prefs" option (from the game launcher's Troubleshoot button), then this will "break" map pack. The repair option will fix your broken map pack!

    No offense, but I do not trust .EXE Installer Programs from Unknown Publishers:
    • Just note I have been playing this game the entire 10+ years, actively involved in the community/forums and have ran this website since Feb 2013. You can ask around in the game. I am trustworthy and not out to "get you" with some Malware, etc!
      Please use the installer program as its more flexible, less prone to permission issues, less manual steps, editing files, other scenarios of a failed manual install from the .zip files, etc.

    • Still not convinced? Thats certainly fine and understandable. You can grab the raw files in a .zip file, instead.
      But note this requires a bit more work for first time installation.
      If you wish to manually install map pack for the first time, using the .zip file, then follow these instructions on the Old Map Pack page.

    • If you already have map pack installed, then you simply unzip to your main Istaria game folder as it always has been in the past!

    • The .zip versions (raw files) of ALL map pack versions can always be found in the Map Pack Repository (link below).

    • Note: As of around September, 2018, all map pack .exe's are now digitially signed by Virtrium LLC.
      You can right click, Properties, on the file to view the digital signature in Windows.

    I'm trying to install Map Pack on a 2nd game folder, but the installer won't let me!
    • You will need to grab the .ZIP version (from Map Pack Repository) and unzip it to the base game folder, on your 2nd game folder.

      Please refer to the above instructions, under "No offense, but I do not trust .EXE ..." section.
      You will still need to manually edit, with Notepad, your /Prefs/ClientPrefs_Common.def file and change the string MapPath line to:
      string mapPath = "resources_override/resources/interface/maps" - Make sure you are not logged in the game while editting!

      As mentioned in previous section's instructions, refer to the Old Map Pack page for more explanation on how to edit the file.

    • The .zip versions (raw files) of ALL map pack versions can always be found in the Map Pack Repository (link below).

    Can I change my avatar indicator back to the green dragon marker? Yes!
    If you want to change the standard map indicator use the windows explorer and open the folder:
     Rename the file: 
       map_indicator_direction4.png (renaming to direction4 is to simply make a backup of the default indicator)
     Now rename one of the 3 indicator files:
       map_indicator_direction1,2 or 3.png
     Default map indicator is a white dot with circle and arrow 
     map_indicator_direction1.png is a green dragon with arrow 
     map_indicator_direction2.png is a violet dragon 
     map_indicator_direction3.png is a white dot with arrow 

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    Install or Update Map Pack 4.0
    Last Update: February 2, 2024
    Current Version: 24.2.2

    • File: mappack4.0_community_update_24.2.2.exe
    • File size: 13.4 MB (14,058,192 bytes)
    • MD5 checksum: CE37232A43CE3CB84C6DA3F7D837B9D5
    • SHA1 checksum: 196DEB050827056D7A79C7F87B69A8AFA520A957

    • Receiving a False Positive on your Anti-Virus program?
      Upload file to Google's to verify it's safe!

    • Looking for manual install (.ZIP versions)?  ->   View Map Pack Repository

    Terao, Elteria, Pharaxes, Katscratch, Fridlekh, Guaran, Virtrium Team and the Community!

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    September 5, 2013: OVERHAUL/COMMUNITY UPDATE   
    1st Collaboration between Terao & Cegaiel; Map Pack 3.7
    Update Notes
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    July 31, 2011   Update Notes

    Update Notes: June 1, 2013

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    Istaria Terrain images Updates:
    Updated the following Istaria terrain images in the resources_override folder (interface/maps/Istaria/terrain)
    Istaria_43_66.png - Removed the 3 small ponds at southern tip of NDL. Those aren't there!
    Istaria_43_70.png - Added textures to the solid black "L" shaped area, that had missing texture (NDL). 
    Istaria_51_50.png - Added Pond 260/252 SW Last Stand
    Istaria_51_50.png - Added Pond 259/262 NE Aughendell (Rihki)
    Istaria_51_54.png - Added Pond 273/277 SE Morning Light
    Istaria_55_50.png - Added Pond 279/263 (Bannock's Ridge)
    Istaria_55_50.png - Added Pond 286/265 (Bannock's Ridge)
    Shaded/blended in the water edges/shores (previously added last two updates) to blend more naturally.
    Note the red circles in below image. This denotes where water (blue coloring) has been added in Istaria:
    Screenshot of water added to map (in red circles)
    New Markers:
    Added new set of Blighted Wisp (Residue) markers to Textures folder:
    Blighted Wisp/Residue will now use above markers instead of the sharing normal wisp/essence markers:
    COMPLETE REVAMP OF NDL (Northern Deadlands).
    COMPLETE REVAMP OF EDL (Eastern Deadlands/Eastern Wastes/Barrier Vale).
    COMPLETE REVAMP OF Eastern Outpost area.
    All possible references on the May Content Update (2013) has been added.
    Revamp of WDL on my TO DO LIST!
    Added POI Point of Interest/Geography Labels:
    Geography: Barrier Vale (EDL)
    Geography: Eastern Wastes (EDL)
    POI: Dusk Tower 309/264 (EDL)
    POI: Forward Camp 293/255 (Eastern Wastes)
    POI: Base Camp 294/260 (Eastern Wastes)
    POI: Spy Camp 289/255 (Eastern Wastes)
    POI: Lost Library 261/292
    POI: Frost Lodge 257/296
    POI: Frozen Tower 275/293
    POI: The Barrows 250/269
    Misc Additions/Changes:
    Malachite/Garnet/Turquoise/Viridian 202/242
    Dung Pile 203/221
    2nd Spawn location of Lord Urden 201/220 (spawns at same time)
    Corrected location of Lieutenant Borlak 197/233
    Stone Circle 204/227
    Silk 254/264
    Shadow Spider 254/264, 254/267
    Ice Elemental 258/286
    Blighted Maple 260/291
    Mighty Skelton/Mummy 261/293
    Mackerel 261/295, 264/297, 259/296
    Giant Ice Beetle 266/298, 268/301
    Rose Stemmed Papyrus 260/296
    Removed Icy Dire Wolf 261/296, 263/294
    Stoneroot 270/290
    2nd Spawn Location Skaahr (Named Icy Dire Wolf) 263/290
    Icy Dire Wolf 263/290, 265/289
    Removed Polly the Griper 267/291 (Tower of Magery)
    Mani, named lvl 88 Dire Wolf/6640hp 270/233
    Mithril Boulder Golem 268/246, 270/247, 271/248
    Removed all Fennel from Mithril Anvil quarry
    Akron, Named Oak Treant 224/266
    Mountain Wolf/Mountain Wolf Alpha 225/266
    Mountain Wolf 218/262
    2nd Spawn point for Haruf, Named Palesnout Gruok 239/295
    Palesnouts 238/295
    Snowback Wolf/Snowback Wolf Alpha 241/295, 241/293, 233/342
    Blighted Granite 233/352
    Aquamarine/Citrine/Jasper 242/359, 240/355 (Trandalar)
    Thistleface, Lvl 120 Named Thornwood Treant 12231
    Changed all Blighted Thornwood to the Blighted Tree markers
    Added more Thornwood Treants, Radiant Wisps, Blighted Thornwood to Staging Grounds vicinity
    Added Mackerel 286/265
    Blighted Adamantium 282/267
    Added Water Well 232/148 Guild: Kabale
    Added Sand Pile 233/151 Guild: Tagan
    Risen/Massive Risen Bloodsnout 282/268
    Dung Pile/Putrid Maggots 283/272
    Dung Pile/Fetid Maggots 280/274
    Project X/Lvl 102 Named Automation/HP-22345 260/274
    Stoneware 270/238
    Blighted Shining Residue 279/249
    Dark Iron 274/251
    Spirit of Allathos (Drulkar's Wrath quest) 286/264
    Cleaned up Northern Deadlands
    Cleaned up Maple Tree area (West of Harton Valley)
    Mohs/Lvl 119 Named Diamond Golem/HP-31000 288/263
    More Diamond Markers in 288/263 area
    Added 2nd location of Gruk the Frigid to help define his patrol area.
    Ogre Body Guard 277/241
    Nah'guk Gatherer 279/239, 280/239, 281/238
    Enraged Aegror 280/237
    Added 2nd spawn point for Rumbleknot (Named Elm Treant) 235/221
    Rhahool, Oddities Broker (Bristugo) 221/226
    Renamed Gus/Tavernkeeper (Bristugo) to Alina/Tavernkeeper
    Trout 260/252
    Renamed Lieutenant Torrek to Commander Torrek 195/223
    Slate 293/294
    Opal 222/296
    Imperial T6 Smelter/Anvil 308/259 (EDL)
    Imperial T6 Gemcutting Structure 308/259 (EDL)
    Ruined T6 Logging Camp 308/259 (EDL)
    Blighted Thorwood 309/260
    Void Horror 310/258, 306/256, 310/265
    Palmyran Defender/Palmyran Summoner/Palmyran Thrall 309/258, 306/256, 308/255
    Blighted Diamond 307/262
    NPC Darkstaff (EDL) 309/263
    Blighted Travertine 308/263
    Ul'dathos Wanderer 306/264
    Ul'dathos Centurion 309/265
    Ul'dathos Brood-Master 311/264
    Fallen Plague-Dragon/Fallen Plague-Warrior 305/256
    Fallen Darkstaff 308/257
    Cleaned up Dead Pool (a little bit)
    Pool Guardian (Dead Pool) 235/213, 237/213
    Blighted Pale Residue (Dead Pool) 235/215, 237/214
    Other markers were deleted (Lesser mobs, WA references, etc) from Dead Pool.
    Add pad for Jeanne on Shepherd's Mountain
    Added the following missing NPC's (For Dimensional Pocket X quest) to various Towers throughout Istaria:
    Meria the Watcher - Tower of Sorcery
    Naithis the Watcher - Tower of Magery
    Tanilis the Watcher - Tower of Summoning
    Kilama the Watcher - Tower of Spirits
    Magish the Watcher - Tower of Nature
    Araga the Watcher - Tower of Healing
    Renamed Fire Ogres to Zal'kuk Warriors
    Renamed Fire Pygmies to Zal'kuk Scouts
    Renamed Flame Ogres to Thel'kuk Battlers
    Renamed Flame Pygmies to Thel'kuk Spotters
    Renamed Ice Ogres to Deh'guk Warriors
    Renamed Ice Pygmies to Deh'guk Gatherers
    Incorporated missing reference to the below mobs.
    This was done by adding the names to existing markers (ie "Maple Treant" changed to "Maple Treant/Massive Maple Treant")
    at appropriate locations
    This will allow these markers to become searchable in Map Pack but as well as on Istaria Map.
    Updated/Re-arranged/Edit many names to mobs, so that the following (missing mobs, not searchable), can be searched now:
    	Desert Wolf Alpha
    	Enraged Dim Wisp
    	Enraged Elm Treant
    	Enraged Maple Treant
    	Enraged Oak Treant
    	Enraged Pale Wisp
    	Enraged Shining Wisp
    	Enraged Yew Treant
    	Icy Dire Wolf Alpha
    	Marble Boulder Golem
    	Massive Elm Treant
    	Massive Maple Treant
    	Massive Yew Treant
    	Mithril Boulder Golem
    	Mountain Wolf Alpha
    	Redbacked Spider Breeder
    	Redbacked Spider Soldier
    	Redbacked Spider Worker
    	Redbacked Tarantula Breeder
    	Redbacked Tarantula Hatchling
    	Small Brown Wolf (NT)
    	Snowback Alpha
    	Small Loricatus Beetle (NT)
    	Travertine Boulder Golem
    Many more tweaks done, not listed, as well...

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