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1    8/29/2021 10:31:48 AM    Awesome Mappack 4! Installation was easy even tho I was trying out different pointers. Then when I opened it, there were all the markers that I have added in the fortnight that I have been back playing "Horizons". Thanks heaps, all of your hard work is appreciated.
Susan : Nia : Cymru - Blight Shard
      8/31/2021 12:30:53 AM
2    12/10/2021 11:50:11 PM    There are miss leading labels for Mappack 4.0 for the new map of New Trismus. Like the Inn Keeper isnt in the right spot for it. I wish for a later update to have these issues fixed.       1/6/2022 12:31:19 PM
3    3/16/2024 4:52:06 PM    Blighted Lapis Lazuli and Rose Quartz are not marked on the map, and Amethyst is marked in the wrong spot.

Blighted Lapis Lazuli: 23683, 21257

Blighted Rose Quartz: 23755, 21327

Blighted Amethyst: 23462, 21459
4    3/21/2024 8:29:34 AM    Blighted Dark Iron is not marked. Coordinates are 22522, 34567      
5    4/14/2024 3:26:09 AM    263/266 - Roaming Arbotus

Harro Deadlands - has multiple new enemy types nah'guk rock haulers, stone throws, sacrificed treants, new resources and anchor position is wrong on existing map.
6    4/14/2024 3:30:07 AM    fyakki on satyr isles are listed as az'gengak but they are az'genak according to tech items      
7    4/14/2024 3:46:27 AM    Silverback Striders can be found on the small islands between Selen Shore and Dikaina Island.
Rabid Striders lurk near Wolf�s Paw.
The Rhal�kuk tribe has moved into a ruined fortress and its trenches southwest of Selen Forest.
Vorpal Chickens have invaded the Ballanthor Farmstead at Abandoned Shore.
Swamp Ruxus appeared near the Tower of Spirit.
Sacrificed Yew Treants roam near Harro Deadlands.
8    4/14/2024 3:50:40 AM    Ada Fruthak 21641/25195 (for quest Where is My Sister?"      
9    4/14/2024 3:51:05 AM    292/248 Radiant Wisps
287/250 Radiant Wisps (they extend all along the Thornwood ridge)
288/248 Radiant Wisps
290/249 Deer

217/245 Terrible Sandspurs

269/267 Corporal Telmor
10    4/14/2024 3:56:18 AM    27970,18064 is bright essence here now (and an as yet unbuilt essence circle) - nb it might be built by now      
11    4/14/2024 4:10:15 AM    tempest golems now called tempest elementals      
12    4/14/2024 4:11:32 AM    Small Ruxus are now Young Coastal Ruxus, Ruxus are Coastal Ruxus, Large Ruxus are now Watchful Coastal Ruxus, and Tremendous Ruxus are now Wary Inland Ruxus.      
13    4/14/2024 6:11:48 AM    swamp ruxus 27720 / 23000