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1    4/10/2020 7:28:23 AM    Urgat the Wicked spawns at 45617, 15418 in New Trismus but the map shows him at quite a distance more south-west at 45555, 15342       4/17/2020 9:14:39 PM
2    4/18/2020 9:42:57 AM    Typo in multiple Triggerpoint markings:

"Triggerpoint: Forest Skulk Thread I/Village North"
"Triggerpoint: Forest Skulk Thread I/Village West"
"Triggerpoint: Forest Skulk Thread I/Village South"

should be "Threat I" not "Thread I"
(Around coordinates: 21767, 22891)
      4/21/2020 7:27:28 PM