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2020-Sep-21:   Added Filters (Skill, Skill Level, Resources).

2019-Jul-21:   Added Progress Bars

2019-Jul-3:   Fixed: Total Reserved that displays on last Structure (Above <Shard> Total Reserved). If last structure had any values of >= 1 gold, then it didn't add correctly on bottom/last Total Reserved column. Page now sorts by structure id, skill, level, material

2019-May-9:   Fixed /select structureID# button so that it also adds "/select" to clipboard. Last button, on bottom of table, didn't function correctly.

2019-Jan-25:   Fixed /select structureID# button so that it works on Firefox browser.

2019-Jan-6:   More UI Updates. Map now shows portals/pads and nearest 500m Plots/Lairs.

2019-Jan-5:   UI Updates. Maps popup instead of opening a new browser.

2019-Jan-4:   Beta version Live! This page will display Paid Plot Work available in real time.