What are * Masterable abilities? To Master an ability you need to level the school to double the level of the actual ability. ie Cleric has Level 2 ability: Instant Heal I. If you train Cleric to level 4, then you 'Master' that ability. Mastering an ability allows you to use/keep that ability forever, while joined in ANY school.
Note: Only Level 1-50 abilities can actually be mastered, since the maximum school level is 100. You can not master level 51+ abilities...

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(p) denotes primary skill for crafting school (if you craft something with this skill you will receive experience).

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L100 Base: What your base skill/stat will show at Level 100 in Character Sheet (minus race beginning stats). -- This data was added/verified 12.27.2014 and identical to Virtrium's database. When you reach level 100, the values listed is what the games' database assigns to your character, period. Some schools the numbers will align perfectly when you multiply per level times 100. Sometimes it will not. I assure you, this is the correct data. When you reach 100 and look at your base stats, they will match what is listed (if you are naked, have not used any training points (have 1200 available) and have no other high level schools that might overwrite certain skills/stats). The stats listed will match perfectly if you add your races' beginning stats to the data. Some skills will appear misaligned/incorrect when they have a level offset (schools that require certain level or skill to join). This is normal and not a mistake. Accurate assuming no data entry errors, please report those (all hand entered).

KNOWN BUG: Not technically a bug, but beware. The very first time you hover icon for tooltip (before image is cached), the tooltip might be truncated (the screenshot's width is cut off in the tooltip). Your browser will cache the image (after first time) and the width x height will now be known. When you hover the icon 2nd and subsequent times, the tooltip will re-adjust and no longer truncate. In other words, if you hover icon for tooltip and the tooltip is cutoff, just move mouse away and hover the icon again. Tooltip should now be fine (2nd time shows cached version and re-adjusts automatically).

Req Skill to Join Points  
Tailoring 80  
Skill Points Per Lvl L100 Base
Armor Use 7 700
(p) Clothworking 10 980
Foraging 8 790
(p) Ingenuity 10 1000
(p) Leatherworking 10 980
(p) Spinning 9 890
(p) Tailoring 10 980
(p) Tanning 9 890
   Total Skill Points Gained: 73 7210
Stat Points Per Lvl L100 Base
Dexterity 9 900
Focus 2 200
Health 5 500
Power 7 700
Strength 2 200
   Total Stat Points Gained: 25 2500


Abilities Earned
* = Masterable / BOLD ability name = NOT Masterable
Level Hover ability Icon for tooltip screenshot.
Hover ability Name to show all schools taught.
1 * Foraging I
1 * Ingenuity I
20 * Foraging II
20 * Ingenuity II
25 * Gift Slots: Two
40 * Foraging III
40 * Ingenuity III
50 * Gift Slots: Three
60 * Foraging IV
60 * Ingenuity IV
75 * Gift Slots: Four
80 * Foraging V
80 * Ingenuity V
100 * Foraging VI
100 * Gift Slots: Five
100 * Ingenuity VI
16 Abilities Displaying
  NPC/Trainer    School Region   Coordinates (Click for Map)
Ella Verin    Tailor Dalimond   22767, 22759[228/228]
Huma Clothspinner    Tailor Aughundell   25177, 26071[252/261]
Kiva    Tailor Kion   20250, 24438[202/244]
Kriegan    Tailor Kirasanct   23878, 28050[239/280]
4 NPC's Displaying

FYI: Stats that give slight +bonus to current Ingenuity skill:

Strength Dexterity Focus Power
2.5% 2.5% 2.5% 2.5%

Crafting Schools that give Ingenuity points
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Sort by Points

School Points
(p) Alchemist 10
(p) Armorer 10
(p) Blacksmith 10
(p) Carpenter 10
(p) Confectioner 10
(p) Dragon Crafter 10
Dragon Crystalshaper 10
Dragon Lairshaper 10
(p) Enchanter 10
(p) Fitter 10
(p) Fletcher 10
(p) Gatherer 10
(p) Jeweler 10
(p) Mason 10
(p) Miner 10
(p) Outfitter 10
(p) Scholar 10
(p) Spellcrafter 10
(p) Tailor 10
(p) Tinkerer 10
(p) Weaponsmith 10
(p) Weaver 10
22 of 22 Crafting Schools Displaying