LAST UPDATED: January 17, 2018

Tip - Did you know? Traveling from City to City costs coin. But many teleporters, such as Settlement, will let you travel to cities for free. Guild: Ambato (first in list) or Settlement: Parsinia (less buildings, loads faster) are my favorite locations for this purpose. The arrival pad and portal are side by side.

Denotes pad is only available to Dragons.
Denotes it will cost coin to travel from the portal.
Hover this icon to view additional info, such as how to attune.
Denotes this pad does NOT require attunement. Can travel here without visiting/attuning first, from portal.
Denotes this pad DOES require attunement.
Attunement is done by either speaking to a NPC near the pad (usually Gatekeeper or Guard) or requires a quest.

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Category   Pad Coordinates      Portals to Pad
Genevia Island     Cedar's Grove 14970, 15476 Genevia Island
Genevia Island     Copperton 15485, 13489 Genevia Island
Genevia Island     Garnet Bay 14592, 14890 Genevia Island
Genevia Island     Genevia 15585, 14689 City | Settlement | Guild | Bristugo | Shepherd's Mountain | Scorpion Island | New Trismus | Resort
Genevia Island     Istaria's Loom 16385, 14203 Genevia Island
Genevia Island     Mala 14609, 15972 Genevia Island
Genevia Island     Sandstone Bluff 15156, 14018 Genevia Island
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