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This trophy list is not 100% verified. Data was collected from Forums Trophy page.
The Wiki Trophy page proved to be too unreliable, the above link was more correct, overall.
Some mobs will drop trophies that are not accepted by trophy trainers. Those are not included in this list.
This list should only contain trophies accepted (valid quest) by a trophy hunter.

  Denotes the set requirements/rewards has been verified; Valid trophies, experience and coin.

You can record the quantity of trophies you currently have stored (vault, other toons, plot storage, etc), by updating the Qty boxes below. Click the button, at Bottom of page to update all boxes with one click.

Note: Level 26-30 Forest Gruok Tusk is listed as 46 hoard below, but in game it is 37 hoard.
I believe this to be a bug and dont feel this lvl 26-30 trophy item, should be listed in 37 hoard category (Lvl 21-25)
Be careful if you sort your trophies by hoard value in vault, you should put Forest Gruok Tusk in your 46 hoard slots.

Also note: Scout Burris (in Imperial Outpost) will buy your T6 cash only (oddities) trophies!
Otherwise you can sell cash only trophies to Aughundell trophy hunter (trade him).

Exp: You receive full experience for the 1st-10th time you complete the quest (Half exp for the 11th and above).
ie Exp: 180 (90) means you get 180xp for quest# 1-10 and 90xp for quest# 11+

Looking for a trophy calculator? Visit, created by Dracillion @ Chaos  

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Level 1-10   (New Trismus)
  Hoard: 10   Exp: 180 (90)   Coin: 150cQTY
Agh'kuk Pygmy Beatstick
Loricatus Beetle Compound Eye
Scion of Sapling Cedar
Small Brown Wolf Ear
Level 11-15   (Kion/Sslanis)
  Hoard: 20   Exp: 520 (260)   Coin: 350cQTY
Agh'kuk Gatherer Beatstick
Forest Crawler Thorax
Garnet Golem Gemstone
Giant Chicken Tailfeathers
Greymane Wolf Skull
Wild Grulet Tusk
Level 16-20   (Kion/Sslanis)
Hoard: 28   Exp: 2,000 (1,000)   Coin: 400cQTY
Bronze Boulder Golem Mettle
Ferocious Gruok Tusk
Forest Crawler Breeder Thorax
Giant Loricatus Beetle Compound Eye
Greater Water Elemental Materia
Large Loricatus Beetle Compound Eye
Scion of Massive Cedar
Turquoise Golem Gemstone
Venomous Aggressor Mandibles
Level 21-25   (Dalimond/Chiconis)
Hoard: 37   Exp: 3,000 (1,500)   Coin: 500cQTY
Brownback Ear
Dark Crawler Hatchling Thorax
Forest Gruok Youngling Tusk
Forest Skulk Crude Slate Spearhead
Forest Skulk Rudimentary Charm
Forest Skulk Slate Arrowhead
Ish'kuk Gatherer Beatstick
Lesser Ulmus Beetle Compound Eye
Muck Fly Thorax
Silver Golem Mettle
Small Ruxus Skull
Level 26-30   (Dalimond/Chiconis)
Hoard: 46   Exp: 5,000 (2,500)   Coin: 750cQTY
Amethyst Golem Gemstone
Dark Crawler Thorax
Forest Grouk Tusk
Forest Skulk Elder's Cracked Amulet
Forest Skulk Shaman's Sacred Drum
Golem Heart of Slate
Greater Ulmus Beetle Compound Eye
Ish'kuk Warrior Bludgeoner
Leafy Oastic Petals
Ruxus Skull
Scion of Sapling Elm
Winter Wolf Skull
Level 31-35   (Dalimond/Chiconis)
Hoard: 54   Exp: 7,000 (3,500)   Coin: 1sQTY
Brownback Hunter Claw
Brownback Matron Skull
Dark Crawler Breeder Thorax
Diseased Brownback Skull
Forest Skulk Chieftain's Staff
Iron Golem Mettle
Large Ruxus Skull
Rose Quartz Golem Gemstone
Sal'guk Gatherer Beatstick
Scion of Elm
Small Frost Beetle Compound Eye
Level 36-40   (Dalimond/Chiconis)
Hoard: 66   Exp: 10,000 (5,000)   Coin: 1s 300cQTY
Brownback Paw
Corpse Fly Thorax
Frost Beetle Compound Eye
Iron Boulder Golem Mettle
Lapis Lazuli Golem Gemstone
Sal'guk Warrior Bludgeoner
Scion of Massive Elm
Tremendous Loricatus Beetle Compound Eye
Tremendous Ruxus Skull
Weak Arbotus Knot
Level 41-45   (Mahagra/New Rachival)
Hoard: 83   Exp: 13,000 (6,500)   Coin: 1s 650cQTY
Deh'guk Gatherer Beatstick
Jade Snarler (Desert Wolf) Skull
Lesser Nix Beetle Compound Eye
Nickel Golem Mettle
Palesnout Youngling Tusks
Redbacked Hatchling Thorax
Level 46-50   (Mahagra/New Rachival)
Hoard: 107   Exp: 16,800 (8,400)   Coin: 2s 200cQTY
Citrine Golem Gemstone
Deh'guk Warrior Bludgeoner
Golem Heart of Granite
Mountain Wolf Skull
Nix Beetle Compound Eye
Palesnout Tusks
Redbacked Spider Thorax
Scion of Sapling Oak
Level 51-55   (Mahagra/New Rachival)
  Hoard: 140   Exp: 23,400 (11,700)   Coin: 2s 800cQTY
Gold Golem Mettle
Jasper Golem Gemstone
Redbacked Breeder Spider Thorax
Redbacked Tarantula Hatchling Thorax
Scion of Oak
Small Ice Beetle Compound Eye
Snowback Wolf Skull
Level 56-60   (Mahagra/New Rachival)
  Hoard: 173   Exp: 32,700 (16,350)   Coin: 3s 450cQTY
Aquamarine Golem Gemstone
Ice Beetle Compound Eye
Ice Golem Materia
Redbacked Tarantula Thorax
Scion of Massive Oak
Level 61-65   (Dralk/Feladan/Kirasanct)
  Hoard: 215   Exp: 42,000 (21,000)   Coin: 4s 300cQTY
Golem Heart of Obsidian
Shadow (Spider) Hatchling Thorax
Small Arbotus Squirrel Toe
Small Flame Beetle Compound Eye
Thel'kuk Spotter Beatstick
Level 66-70   (Dralk/Feladan/Kirasanct)
  Hoard: 264   Exp: 56,500 (28,250)   Coin: 5s 300cQTY
Arbotus Squirrel Toe
Cobalt Golem Mettle
Flame Beetle Compound Eye
Flame Wolf Skull
Golem Heart of Obsidian Boulder
Scion of Sapling Maple
Shadow Spider Thorax
Thel'kuk Battler Bludgeoner
Topaz Golem Gemstone
Volcanic Pustule Petals
Level 71-75   (Dralk/Feladan/Kirasanct)
  Hoard: 305   Exp: 70,100 (35,050)   Coin: 6s 300cQTY
Fire Wolf Skull
Large Arbotus Squirrel Toe
Opal Golem Gemstone
Platinum Golem Mettle
Sand Scarab Compound Eye
Scion of Maple
Shadow (Tarantula) Breeder Thorax
Small Fire Beetle Compound Eye
Zal'kuk Scout Beatstick
Level 76-80   (Dralk/Feladan/Kirasanct)
  Hoard: 355   Exp: 96,000 (48,000)   Coin: 7s 100cQTY
Arbotus Tremendous Squirrel Toe
Fire Beetle Compound Eye
Jade Golem Gemstone
Lava Golem Materia
Platinum Boulder Golem Mettle
Scion of Massive Maple
Zal'kuk Warrior Bludgeoner
Level 81-85   (Aughendell)
  Hoard: 457   Exp: 120,000 (60,000)   Coin: 8s 250cQTY
Blood Skulk Pendant
Dire Wolf Skull
Feral Bloodsnout Youngling Tusks
Golem Heart of Marble
Shrunken Purple Weaver Thorax
Toxic Bonespur Leg
Level 86-90   (Aughendell)
  Hoard: 480   Exp: 163,500 (81,750)   Coin: 9s 750cQTY
Feral Bloodsnout Tusks
Forest Oastic Petals
Giant Ice Beetle Compound Eye
Golem Heart of Marble Boulder
Golem Heart of Peridot
Icy Dire Wolf Skull
Purple Weaver Thorax
Scion of Sapling Yew
Level 91-95   (Aughendell)
  Hoard: 553   Exp: 206,000 (103,000)   Coin: 11s 50cQTY
Bhal'kuk Manacle
Crimson Wolf Skull
Fire Opal Golem Gemstone
Giant Flame Beetle Compound Eye
Mithril Golem Mettle
Scion of Yew
Turgid Purple Weaver Thorax
Weaker Ravenous Bloodsnout Tail
Level 96-100   (Aughendell)
  Hoard: 635   Exp: 280,000 (140,000)   Coin: 12s 700cQTY
Emerald Golem Gemstone
Giant Fire Beetle Compound Eye
Mithril Boulder Golem Mettle
Ravenous Bloodsnout Tusk
Scion of Massive Yew
Than'kuk Manacle
Wind Elemental Materia
Level 100   (Imperial Outpost)
  Hoard: 937   1 Imperial Rank Token   Money: 10s 700c  QTY
Frosthound Claw
Golem Heart of Travertine
Murk Crab Gland (Dralnoks Doom)
Scion of Thornwood
Stygian Scorpion Claw (Dralnoks Doom)

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