There are currently 2,473 formulas in the database!
HTML/CODE Last Updated: August 18, 2022
DATABASE Last Updated: Aug 17, 2022

  • Note: The below instructions/notes only appears when there is no search in progress. As soon as your submit your first search, this pane will disappear (to conserve space). If you ever want to see these notes again, simply click "Reset Page" link at top.

  • Tracker Instructions: Use the scribed and vault checkboxes to record your personal formulas, that you own. If you have the formula scribed, check the SCRIBED checkbox. If you have the formula in vault (but can't scribe yet), then check the VAULT checkbox. If either of these change in future, then UNCHECK the box under the correct column. You can use the checkboxes in any combination, so if you have it scribed and have an extra copy in vault, then you can check BOTH boxes. The 'Owned' filter applies to these checkboxes.

    This application will assist in you in finding new formulas at the Consigners as well as helping keep track of what you have, and what you need to acquire.

    If you are a New Player, you should always select: HIDE ALL BLIGHTED formulas (Using Blighted: filter) WHEN SEARCHING and/or determining what formulas you want to get. The blighted are just a bonus, if you happen to find any. If your goal is to get every formula for a certain school or skill, then dont worry about blighted formulas. I had considered not adding them to avoid confusion, but I did so we can track them.

  • Search Tips: Every field below is optional to help you fine tune searches. You do NOT need to select every pulldown menu below or use the search by name box. Every option below is a filter. So think of filters as a way to limit it from showing you ALL the formulas. The more filters you choose, the less you see :) You will need to choose at least one filter OR use the 'Search by Name' box (before the 'Search Formulas' button actually does anything).

  • UPDATE: February 3rd, 2019 this page has been revamped, to make it more easy for me to import and keep updated. Sorry, but previously recorded Scribed or Vault checkboxes will be lost. You'll need to check those again. Not all of the older features has been implemented yet (Classes Usable By & Skills to Use/Equip). You can look at the OLD PAGE/DATABASE to cross reference.

    UPDATE: July 18, 2019 - Added ATTUNE column. It will show when formula is attuned.

    UPDATE: October 9, 2020
    • 'Skill to USE/EQUIP' filter has been re-enabled. 'Classes Usable By` remains disabled, for now.
    • Sort BY 'Dragon' and 'Price' works again. It would have been broken since February 3, 2019 update.
    • You can now search by prim ID numbers. Just make sure first character in 'SEARCH by NAME' box is a number (1-9).
      • You can search multiple prim ID numbers. Seperate multiple numbers with a comma.
    • October 10: Skills Required to USE/EQUIP crafted item are displayed, in tooltip, by hovering blue info icon
    UPDATE: May 23, 2022
    • Fixed how prices are displayed. Some vendors sell at a different rate than others. Prices will show correctly when this is applicable.
    • Token (currency) values have been updated so that tooltips will display correct amount of tokens required to purchase.